The Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), intelligent WAN , combined with ever growing number of devices such as mobile devices, Virtual machines are driving new requirements for network connectivity.

Our expertise includes:

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  • Certified professionals in to determine performance capabilities of LAN and WAN
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Deploying a variety of automated, industry-standard tools to conduct assessments
  • Focusing on mission-critical applications to safeguard against disruptions
  • Implementing network solutions with a security focus

End User Computing

​The explosion of mobile and end-user devices, combined with new technology trends are redefining the future of workplace. Whether outlining approved devices for access or leveraging a flavor of BYOD to enable application or VDI access, a consistent approach to authenticating, authorizing, and reporting on network entry is paramount for a secure environment. Vizodo is ready to examine your people, processes, and technology to understand your end-user access methods, identify areas of concern, and work in conjunction with key business stakeholders to implement a secure blueprint for access control.

Network Assessment

New business challenges and ever-changing business landscape could be putting stress on your network .New Applications and exponential growth in number of networked devices such as mobiles and IOT are changing network infrastructure requirement – Is your network ready to handle your business goals?

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  • Architecture, infrastructure and network readiness assessment
  • Review network gaps, resiliency, and performance
  • Business continuity and high availability assessment
  • Network Architecture Strategy

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