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Security Consulting

Strengthen Your Network Design

Defining, defining and classifying the security vulnerabilities of the network is a must for preventing a breach of security and loss of sensitive business data. Thousands of global companies are using Advisory services to define security safeguards and establish defenses to meet standards for compliance and enforcement.

Increased connectivity is creating more vectors for the attackers to manage and exploit. Understanding and ensuring the security of the network is critical as an ever broader range of clients, partners, suppliers and others have access to organizational resources. In this environment, the protective landscape is ever-changing, constantly complex and vital for the success of companies. Theft of intellectual data from an company is potentially putting it out of business.

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Key Benefits

Identify – Understand and mitigate the most common threats to the infrastructure and its components
Manage – Prepare for new and evolving threats
Validate – Test the effectiveness of existing network and endpoint controls against industry and internal standards
Secure – Ensure comprehensive end to end layered Security Architecture

Security Auditing

In the wake of ever increasing cyberthreats and vulnerabilities, organizations are facing a ever daunting task of hardening their system and security processes. A security audit allows a ongoing performance of a organization’s system security can be monitored.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment helps organizations identify and mitigate security gaps in their networks and systems.

  • Minimize Security Risks and Gaps.
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Enhances Security Posture

Penetration Testing

A proactive approach to securing organizations’ IT assets – It exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our experienced staff can help uncover those vulnerabilities before they get exploited.

Compliance Testing

Failure to meet minimum safety standards, fines and other administrative penalties would cost millions of companies. Timely documentation of compliance guarantees the organisation’s adherence to universal standards. Customers recommend that businesses comply with the environmental protection criteria.

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  • ISO 27001:2013
  • ISO 20000
  • BS 25999
  • SOX
  • PCI
  • SSAE

Secure Mobility and VPN

Organizations require their workers to work from anywhere, either on company computers or on personal mobile devices. Success is key to accessing the data at your fingertips. But how do organizations ensure

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