Professional Services

Take advantage of our experienced and certified staff’s expertise in applying and leveraging cutting-edge, emerging technologies — from machine learning, SDN, Cybersecurity,  and the internet of things. Most of our engineers spent years with key vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, F5, Microsoft, and others. They know the products inside-and-out. They are the creme-de-la-creme that you can depend on for your business.

Experience Matters

Vizodo draws on strong expertise gained from thousands of successfully fulfilled commitments when it comes to optimizing IT deployments — and we bring the collective knowledge to every client project. With more than 100 engineers accredited by top OEMs around the world, we are applying our expertise across all disciplines – including cloud, data center, security, networking, collaboration, and emerging technologies. With Vizodo working hard by your side, you’ll have a trusted partner to design, develop, execute, assist and automate every aspect of your IT footprint. However, unlike most organizations, we don’t just give you our research and leave. We take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to actually get the job done.


Through our detailed evaluations, we provide insight that helps you to respond to changing demands and make your IT environment more efficient, scalable, high-performance, and secure. You will be provided with an actionable remediation plan for specific issues, cost-saving steps, and opportunities for restructuring. We  help IT align with business goals and strategy.

Workshops and Training

Through our workshops, we identify and discuss different innovations, approaches, principles, and implementation strategies that take into account the problems and the market climate of today. Our wide range of technical training courses give your team the skills and information they need to help our company in the next step.

Project Management

Project management  is vital for high impact, time sensitive projects—those most critical to your organization’s success.  ITIL and PMI methodologies are implemented by our highly qualified team of professionally trained and accredited PMPs. With quality assurance integrated into our  business models and streamlined project management delivery processes – provides a peace of mind for customers that their project will be delivered on time (if not earlier) and with reduced risks.

Integration Services

We provide tailor-made equipment staging services to prepare distributor hardware for installation and final setup in your area, providing a full turn-key solution to build your entire system before it gets to your facility — no matter how complex or supplier it may be.

Cloud Consulting Services

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of companies have not achieved the benefits they expected out of cloud initiatives. Our singular focus is helping clients design intelligent cloud solutions – whether public, private or hybrid – that maximize business value and drive innovation.Whether you are defining your strategy, selecting and evaluating platforms, building and deploying your framework, or continuing to optimize operations, we can help every step of the way towards a cloud solution..

Security Services

Dont be the next victim of a security breach that can cost millions and may tarnish a brand name !

We have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization and what issues are driving that noncompliance to establish an effective security program . Engage in a risk analysis study, and position a systematic and prioritized mitigation plan by advisory and appraisal services.

Helping You Rapidly Adapt To Demands Of The Industry

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