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It is also somewhat homosexual, and a little bit offending, eg Thanksgiving Big date or Noam Chomsky wear a band-for the

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It is also somewhat homosexual, and a little bit offending, eg Thanksgiving Big date or Noam Chomsky wear a band-for the

You might be an ice-cream sundae which have good cherry ahead And you can careful, Cherry, ’cause I’m the latest queen regarding pop music Pop music, pop music, pop music happens my weasel So now you look like Jackson Pollock’s easel My idea is you dont blow it until you know what obstruction was Consume when you know what digestive is actually Realize Bo, the actual only real question is Are you currently splattered in advance of Because of the Crazy Hatter matador? Pie batter, never ever significantly more They do not number regardless if you are Foreign language, French, Swedish, or Cambodian I’ll slime your so difficult you are on the Nickelodeon

Solitary each day Do so every method Improve single girls say “Oh Bo!” If in case We were gay In the event We claim I am straight I’d result in the fellas state “Oh Bo!” Oh Bo Oh Bo, Bo Oh, oh Bo Oh Bo Oh Bo

Do you really believe as you are able to manage me, lady, try not to generate myself laugh We said my personal nonsense is bipolar, it’s going to split up you by 50 percent, yeah So if you’re happy, I might merely provide you with family And I will maybe you have heading down particularly you may be expanding an extra chromosome Incase you just take me personally, dont grab me from the my personal buns ‘Cause I had a loveroulette detrimental matter of the fresh ru-runs I experienced the fresh new runs I got the runs

Solitary daily Take action each and every means Make the single ladies say “Oh Bo!” And when I was indeed gay Regardless of if We swear I am straight I’d believe the newest fellas say “Oh Bo!”

(We desire to break it off getting y’all We originated the fresh avenue that have nothing Now i’m making strike facts To have my anyone still-living in the roadways, still-living into the impoverishment, I wish to inform you I am performing this for you My victory will be your victory And i know it might seem, “Hello, for people who really accept that Have you thought to explore the your finances to aid reconstruct the area unlike putting rotating wheels towards the a gold spray ski?” And that we state. Uh. chorus is coming up)

Single every day Do so every ways Make the solitary people say “Oh Bo!” Assuming I was basically homosexual Regardless if We claim I’m straight I would envision the brand new fellas say

My personal reveal is a bit bit silly, and you will a little bit pretentious, so like Shakespeare’s willy otherwise Noam Chomsky sporting a band-for the

Uh, uh You gotta fume such an effective tuna I will smell you after I met a fat chick And that i fucked the lady inside a keen lift It actually was incorrect to your too many levels It had been wrong to your too many ce-le-le-profile It actually was completely wrong toward so many levels, uh It actually was wrong involved is wrong with it was wrong into

Single everyday Do it every means Make solitary female state “Oh Bo!” And if We was gay Whether or not We swear I am upright I’d believe this new fellas say Oh! Unmarried every single Take action every single Pop music one single particularly a good Pringle jingle Oh Bo! So it song’s nearly completed This little ditty needed Software that is twice reeded New oboe!

What’s Comedy Words – Bo Burnham

(My personal old boyfriend-girlfriend got a rather unusual fetish Uh, she accustomed need liven up given that herself and then become a fucking bitch throughout the day)

Thank you for visiting the new tell you, it is slightly along these lines Joke. exactly Banging upwards my personal move, it moves slightly similar to this With a rap and a great diss after that a swift hiphop on the arm, a rap inside a kiss Like Hershey’s wrappin’ a kiss, crap I had a show that may test your children Also it requires one concern therefore the question is What is funny? What is comedy, what is comedy, what is comedy? What’s funny, what is actually comedy, what is actually comedy? Comedy, fu-comedy What’s funny? What’s funny, what is funny, what exactly is comedy? What is actually comedy, what exactly is funny, what’s comedy? Comedy Ok last one

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