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QA Test Planning A Complete Guide to Pre-testing Activities

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The number of specialists needed for a project will become clear after the estimation stage when the scope of work has been completely defined. When working with a dedicated team, you can increase the number of QA engineers who work on your project if you need to launch fast. In this step, you should enumerate all the resources needed for performing tests including time, people, money, and equipment. Install/uninstall testing ensures the flawless operation of product installation and removal processes. Integration testing checks individual software modules combined in a group. This type of testing is aimed at identifying faults that might appear when modules interact.

suspension criteria in testing

You should take a look around this website and also review product documentation. Review of product documentation helps you to understand all the features of the website as well as how to use it. If you are unclear on any items, you might interview customer, developer, designer to get more information. Important aspects like test estimation, test scope, Test Strategy are documented in Test Plan, so it can be reviewed by Management Team and re-used for other projects. Help people outside the test team such as developers, business managers, customers understand the details of testing. Zhang, “Modelling and ride analysis of a hydraulic interconnected suspension based on the hydraulic energy regenerative shock absorbers,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol.

Suspension and Resumption Criteria

Your team may use different testing techniques depending on your product’s use cases and your business requirements. During test planning, you’ll define what kinds of reports you want to get and how often. For example, it might be convenient for you to get a weekly report via email. Discuss this with your QA team to keep up with the testing process.

suspension criteria in testing

Remember that you cannot test a feature or module, unless it is developed. This develops a high dependency of quality assurance team over development team. If development team lags behind the schedule, your testing schedule will be badly disturbed. List down all required software and make sure you procure the required software on time so you can proceed with the testing process as per schedule. Having a schedule is an essential part of any project success.

Understanding Bug Life Cycle in Software Testing

For example, without one task being completed, the QA team may not be able to move to another testing stage. Assumptions are ideas about the flow of the testing process that are expressed before testing begins. Assumptions don’t have any factual evidence and are based on a QA team’s experience.

suspension criteria in testing

They pointed out that NSGA-II has a better optimization effect but lacks sample diversity. However, this article analyzed the characteristics of the algorithm itself, and the analysis of the suspension system is not sufficient . In , the authors used NSGA-II and MOPSO-CD algorithms for multiobjective optimization to optimize comfort and health standards. The performance before and after optimization is increased by 20 and 19%, respectively. In addition, NSGA-II has better optimization results than MOPSO-CD, but it requires a longer calculation time.


In the simulation of sensitive parameters, it is found that the installation position parameters are more sensitive to the vehicle height of the testing platform than to the stiffness of the suspension. This is determined by the special structure of the suspension designed. The geometry of the suspension changes under different conditions.

Every feature that’s going to be tested should be listed here. Features to be tested should be referenced with the design or requirement specifications. In this test component, the QA team gives a brief description of the project and specifies test objectives along with any constraints that might appear.

Suspension criteria and resumption requirements

First part is the introduction which provides a brief overview of the project background, scope, testing objectives and references. A software test plan document is divided into various sections. We had a detailed look on the top 10 attributes every sample test plan document must have. We have shared a schedule included in the sample test plan of web application. You might add or remove columns in the schedule table as needed.

  • Then, create a schedule to complete these tasks in the designated time with a specific amount of effort.
  • Be sure to include details about specific devices and versions needed.
  • Thus, you can prepare a template and use it for every project, filling it with specific data.
  • Figure 6 is the force analysis diagram of the testing platform vehicle.
  • A list of all software features – functionality, GUI, performance standards- must be tested.

Before actually testing your product, your QA team will estimate the scope of work and then divide it into smaller milestones. This approach allows a QA team to estimate the time needed for testing, set realistic deadlines, and calculate the cost. To set clear goals, expectations, and requirements for the testing process. By participating in test planning with your QA team, you’ll understand what to expect from your cooperation.


When the load is 140 kg, after optimization, the root-mean-square values of the displacement of vehicle body and the dynamic tire deflection are increased by 5.34 and 11.49%, respectively. The suspension parameters before and after the optimization are shown in Table 3. As shown in Figure 3, the testing platform vehicle consists of a bodyshell, loadable frame, steering system, suspension system, and power system.

suspension criteria in testing

Test planning in software testing is the backbone of the entire project. Without a sufficiently extensive and well-crafted plan, QAs are bound to get confused with vague, undefined goals and deadlines. This unnecessarily hinders fast and accurate testing, slowing results and delaying release cycles. This phase creates a detailed breakdown of all resources required for project completion. Resources include human effort, equipment, and all infrastructure needed for accurate and comprehensive testing.

Test Strategy Document_V1.3.doc

In this section, you and your QA team list all documents and reports the QA team should provide you with. This list also includes information about stages when each deliverable has to be presented. The list of deliverables can include such documents as a test plan, test cases, and bug reports. During the estimation stage, the QA team divides the whole testing process into subtasks to understand how much time it will take to test each separate feature. To clarify the time, effort, and expenses needed to test your product.

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